Render Gallery

Open Source

I’ve been working on a DirectX-11 Renderer called VQEngine on my spare time.

PBR (GGX-Schlick BRDF), HDR, Tonemapping, Bloom, Environment Mapping (Image-based Lighting)

SSAO w/ Gaussian Blur


Below are some screenshots from my DigiPen computer graphics studies.

Ray Tracer

Generated using Path Tracing algorithm with physically-based rendering and some metallic materials

Real-Time Rendering

Environment map images are acquired from HDR Labs - sIBL Archive and rendered using the OpenGL4 Renderer I’ve built during the DigiPen studies.

Environment Mapping (Image-based Lighting), Tonemapping - Hamarikyu Bridge B, Tokyo

Deferred Rendering, Screen-space Ambient Occlusion - Shushanna: Player character model used in platformer game Unlit

Hard vs Soft Shadows (PCF w/ 19x19 Kernel)