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VQEngine - DirectX12 Renderer

VQEngine (GitHub) is an open source DirectX12 renderer for prototyping of rendering techniques and experimenting with cutting edge technology that I develop on the weekends.

See Releases to download the source & pre-built executables.

Data-driven (XML) Scenes & glTF Model Loading, HDRI Environment Maps, UE4's PBR model w/ IBL, ImGui UI & debug drawing, AMD FidelityFX CACAO, CAS, FSR1

Features, as of release v0.8.0 (November 2021) :



  • HDR display support with scRGB HDR pipeline
  • Multiple window & monitor support
  • Refresh Rate
    • Custom
    • Auto (1.33 x monitor refresh rate)
    • Unlocked
  • VSync
  • Alt+Enter Borderless Fullscreen


  • Multi-threading
    • Worker threads
      • Parallel command list recording
      • Culling
      • Asset loading
    • Main + Simulation threads to decouple OS events from the update loop
  • glTF 2.0 model loading using assimp
  • Shader system
    • Shader cache
    • Multi-threaded shader compilation
    • Shader Model 5.0 (DXBC) & 6.0 (DXIL)
  • Automated build & testing scripts

DigiPen Institute of Technology - Computer Graphics Projects

Path Tracing algorithm with Physically-Based Rendering with metallic and dialectric materials

Environment Mapping (Image-based Lighting), Tonemapping - Hamarikyu Bridge B, Tokyo

Deferred Rendering, Screen-space Ambient Occlusion - Shushanna: Player character model used in platformer game Unlit

Hard vs Soft Shadows (PCF w/ 19x19 Kernel)