Render Gallery

Open Source

I’ve been working on a DirectX-11 Renderer called VQEngine on my spare time.

BRDF, Environment Lighting, Directional Lights, PCF Shadows

Model Loading (.obj), Sponza Scene, SSAO, HDR, Bloom

Debug Rendering, CPU and GPU profiler, Frame Stats, Bounding Boxes

SSAO w/ Gaussian Blur


Below are some screenshots from my DigiPen computer graphics studies.

Ray Tracer

Generated using Path Tracing algorithm with physically-based rendering and some metallic materials

Real-Time Rendering

Environment map images are acquired from HDR Labs - sIBL Archive and rendered using the OpenGL4 Renderer I’ve built during the DigiPen studies.

Environment Mapping (Image-based Lighting), Tonemapping - Hamarikyu Bridge B, Tokyo

Deferred Rendering, Screen-space Ambient Occlusion - Shushanna: Player character model used in platformer game Unlit

Hard vs Soft Shadows (PCF w/ 19x19 Kernel)